About Gumlet:

Gumlet provides an end-to-end video platform to help you deliver a much better media experience for your users. Gumlet serves over 1 billion images and videos every day for clients like Simplilearn, Apna, TV9, 1MG, LBB, etc.

Gumlet's Offerings:

  1. Video Platform: Automate video publishing pipelines and deliver unmatched video performance.
  2. Video Insights: Measure and improve the video experience, and get deep insight into how your audience engages with your videos.
  3. Image Optimisation: Automatically publish optimised images to save 60% on CDN.

Benefits for Jio GenNext Portfolio Companies:

  1. $10,000 in credits.
  2. 1-year validity.
  3. Full access to all the above products.
  4. Instant approval and integration support.

Apply for Gumlet Startup Credits: link

For more information, please reach out to Kaustubh ([email protected]) or Divyesh ([email protected]).

Case Studies

Co.learn optimised half a million video catalogs with Gumlet’s per-title-encoding

CoLearn - EdTech - Gumlet Video case study

Apna cuts the video processing time by 50% since implementing Gumlet